New plans for Coatbridge town centre improvements

May 4, 2011 by  

Plans for new projects that will bring several improvements to Coatbridge town centre are largely complete, according to a report from the local council.

The plans cover the next two years and the projects that are currently being proposed in these plans are split into 12 month cycles. The first twelve months could see improvements to parking, lighting and access to local parks and to the town centre itself. The plans go into more detail about the proposals, which include extending the car park at Baird Street and fitting new feature lighting in Coatbridge. The next 12 month segment of the plan covers some pedestrian areas, such as improving footbridges and adding new street signs for pedestrians.

Councillors have been advised that a consultation on these plans will be undertaken before the proposals are approved and work begins. This process often involves gathering feedback on plans from members of the local community.

It is yet to be confirmed how this feedback is to be gathered. One simple way to get information out to local people would be to use a local poster printing company in Coatbridge. Companies offering flyer or poster printing in the Coatbridge area would be able to print details of the proposed plans, which could then be displayed in public places alongside contact details of local councillors.

Whilst these plans are largely complete, the council will consider whether local residents will welcome these changes or not, then make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed based upon feedback received.