Leaflets tackle alcohol problem

August 29, 2010 by  

Print company in Print companies in Coatbridge printing services Print companies in Coatbridge or other areas of Greater Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow will be getting involved in NHS Greater Glasgow’s latest plans to tackle the area’s growing alcohol problem. Following a report from a team of experts, a list of recommendations has been developed in the hope that the health of residents in the area will improve. It is recommended that the region’s pubs that open early in the morning should only be able to supply alcohol with a breakfast and that leaflets should be printed and made available in all licensed premises giving details about the recommended daily limits for alcohol consumption.

The move to produce the leaflets and introduce other recommendations comes as it is felt that the area needs a boost in the battle against alcohol, and the image of the city and the overall health of the locals has room for improvement. The hard hitting report and its recommendations have the backing of the Strathcylde Chief Constable and the Health Secretary. The report was presented to members of Glasgow’s licensing board and whilst the report is seen to acknowledge how essential the pubs and clubs of the city are to the reputation of the area as a lively and vibrant place, it is also acknowledged that the city has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and something needs to be done about it, as it will have the knock on effect of improving the overall health of its residents and improve the crime levels. It is hoped that if the recommendations in the report are acted on, that it will contribute to a healthier city.