Flyer printing in Coatbridge blamed for ‘fattest town’ tag

April 22, 2010 by  

It’s not often that the print industry can be blamed for the expanding waistlines of local residents, but print companies in Coatbridge are responsible, it seems, for the health of the local community – at least according to Tom Maginnis, a Coatbridge West councillor.

The problem is that Coatbridge has just been named as the fattest town in Britain. This unwelcome accolade came after research showed that 21% of all Coatbridge residents are obese, that’s just over one fifth of the town.

According to the survey, Coatbridge led the way in terms of expanding waistlines – with Glasgow’s North East, Fife’s Methil and Walsall in the West Midlands all coming close behind with 20% of their residents being labelled obese.

Bellshill and Kilmarnock both had 19% of their residents officially classed as obese.

Morningside, in Edinburgh, however was labelled as one of the healthiest places in the UK as just 9% of its population was classed obese.

Councillor Tom Maginnis has placed the blame firmly at the number of fast food restaurants and takeaways in the area, all bombarding locals through the use of flyer printing in Coatbridge.

Mr Maginnis commented:

Every corner you turn in Coatbridge there are fast food restaurants. This area has a terrible record in terms of health and we are working with the NHS to alleviate this.

I think it’s too late for those who are a bit older.

If only those Coatbridge printing companies didn’t produce such mouth watering imagery on their flyers!