Flyer printing helps youth football team get much needed boost

October 12, 2011 by  

A youth football team in Surrey has been set up with the help of an IT Consultant who responded to flyers made by local youths.

Local youths in the Godstone area of Surrey were getting so bored of the lack of facilities in the area that they designed and produced their own leaflets that they then distributed throughout the area, making a plea for adult help in setting up a football club.

Colin Williams, an IT consultant, saw the flyer and immediately expressed interest in helping the youngsters get their project up and running and he helped to establish South Godstone Youth Football Club for boys. He told This Is Surrey Today:

“The youngsters had got together with youth workers to design and print some flyers which they posted through everyone’s door, requesting grown-ups to help them set up a skate park or a football team. That’s what got me involved.”

The club is now up and running following local sponsorship and advice from the FA. This club is not unique to Surrey, however. There are several clubs springing up throughout the UK and in Scotland, a dedicated organisation, Youth Football Scotland, helps youth clubs to establish themselves. Without the help of such an organisation, the new Surrey team can thank their own initiative and the power of flyer printing.

Coatbridge Thistle, Airdrie United BC and Celtic Community Academy are all youth football clubs that have sprung up from Youth Football Scotland. There is a real appetite for youth football, as the Surrey boys have proved, and with a bit of determination and a lot of hard work, they made their dream a reality.