Facebook launch new service for business card printing

January 12, 2012 by  

Social networking giant Facebook has launched a new feature which will allow people to use information from their Facebook profile to create their very own printed business cards.

In a partnership with a UK printing company, Facebook has announced that users of its Timeline profile service will now be able to create business cards which are made up of information and photographs that have been submitted to Facebook. These cards are then created and manufactured by the printing company, using business card printing.

From Coatbridge to Croydon, users from around the UK will have access to the service, with the first
200,000 users who opt to print business cards getting theirs created free of charge. However, there is a downside, as it means that users who do not get there fast enough will have to pay a fee for theirs and the service is currently limited to 5,000 users a day.

Those users who aren’t lucky enough to get their hands on free business cards from Facebook can easily use a local printing company to produce full colour digital business cards. The design can then be completely bespoke and Facebook branding would not need to be featured.

This new feature on Facebook shows that whilst online and digital communication continues to grow, printed communications are just as relevant, with people choosing to share information about themselves in different ways, both online and in the physical world by using a mixture of digital and printed business cards.