Coatbridge printing companies help raise awareness of fuel shortage

January 3, 2011 by  

Due to the recent big freeze that has gripped the UK, fears of a fuel shortage are spreading throughout Scotland. Despite the relative thaw over recent days, fuel tankers are still stranded at the depots based at the refinery in Grangemouth. Local printing companies in Coatbridge are being called upon to provide services like poster printing to raise awareness amongst Coatbridge residents about the need to conserve fuel as the adverse weather looks set to continue for the immediate future. Ice, snow and thaws all have negative effects upon local transport links and this is causing major problems where deliveries are concerned.

Local authorities and councils are considering running a large-scale local awareness campaign in conjunction with petrol stations in the area to encourage customers to only fill up their vehicles when absolutely necessary. By using poster and flyer printing, Coatbridge petrol stations can raise awareness of the shortage and protect reserves of fuel for vehicles that really need it. The lack of deliveries of fuel is particularly worrying considering the fact that many emergency services are heavily reliant on the use of transportation.

For example, ambulances, fire engines and police cars would be forced to operate on a reduced scale if the fuel shortage continues and this could seriously jeopardise the welfare and wellbeing of local residents. By partnering with local printing companies, the Coatbridge authorities could arrange for poster printing that would encourage Coatbridge residents to think twice before filling up their vehicles with fuel that is already in short supply.