Anger as town centre regeneration leaflets are not delivered

December 11, 2011 by  

Residents of a Wiltshire town are outraged after a £1 million development project that was to be partially funded by taxpayers was proposed to go ahead without consulting with local people.

Marlborough town council was entering a period of consultation with the public to inform residents about a proposed refurbishment of Marlborough town hall, using leaflets that were meant to be distributed through the town. These leaflets were also designed to allow Marlborough residents to pass comment or oppose the proposal. However, due to an as-yet unresolved dispute between the council and the leaflet distribution company, the flyers were not received by local residents.

3,500 leaflets had been created and the council had arranged with a local flyer distribution company to send these to local homes. However, the council soon started to receive complaints about non-receipt of the leaflets. This sparked an investigation from both the council and trading standards to ensure that the council maximised the impact of their communications that had been produced using Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing.

Print company in Coatbridge printing services Coatbridge town centre in Scotland recently underwent a similar regeneration programme, however North Lanarkshire council has been praised for the way this was handled. Unfortunately Marlborough council is facing stronger opposition and added problems with communication have not helped matters.

The consultation period on the regeneration programme remains at its original date, which is set at the end of December. Councillors have said that this will not be given an extension, despite the failings in the communication process.