Leaflets highlight good cause

June 25, 2010 by  

Leaflets are being put to good use in Print company in Manchester printing services Manchester to raise awareness of the new ‘safety passport’ launched in the area to help children who are lost find their parents in Manchester’s major shopping centre, the Trafford Centre.

The leaflets will be distributed with information regarding what parents and children should do in the shopping centre if they become separated and the leaflets are aimed at raising awareness of the best practice in the event of a child being lost.

The Trafford Centre is known for being a safe place for children however, due to the sheer number of people and the size of the mall, children can become lost or separated from parents. The Trafford Centre’s scheme coincides with Child Safety Week that started on the 21st June. The ultimate aim is to reduce the amount of time between a child being lost and being reunited with their parent as this can be a very distressing experience for all involved. The scheme promotes a document online that can be printed and completed with contact details in the event of a child wandering off or being separated in the crowds. The Trafford Centre’s ‘Passport to Safety’ is specifically aimed at children and so also includes a child friendly map and details on how to locate a responsible adult.

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