Thomas Cook publicity campaign

December 3, 2011 by  

Major travel operator Thomas Cook has released a statement insisting that the company is “In safe hands” despite the direction of the company being under review.

The statement was released in the form of a letter issued by Sam Weihagen, Thomas Cook’s interim chief executive. This letter was largely aimed as a response to a campaign that recently ran from rival holiday firm Tui, which owns companies like Thomson holidays. Tui’s ad seemed to mock the fact that Thomas Cook is undergoing a strategic review, by stating:

“You can smile with Thomson because you’re in safe hands. Another holiday company may be experiencing turbulence, but we’re in really great shape.”

The letter issued from Thomas Cook to the public via their website states:

“Thank you once again for your extraordinary support, and a big thank you to the thousands of Thomas Cook people who have worked tirelessly over the last few days to ensure there has been absolutely no impact at all on the holidays and services we deliver for our valued customers.”

The company has ensured customers that their holidays are in safe hands.

This holiday company rivalry shows that both companies are fighting to make their business work, which can only be good news for brochure printers.

Chesterfield is just north of the town of Melbourne, where Thomas Cook, the founder of the holiday company, was born in 1808. He arranged his first excursion in 1841 which blossomed into the international travel company we know today. This latest letter looks like Thomas Cook will not give up without a fight and they are ready to prove this to both consumers and competitors.