School children promote Chesterfield in Bloom using banners

June 29, 2011 by  

Print company in Chesterfield printing services Chesterfield in Bloom is being promoted using banners printed from designs created by local school children in a competition.

Chesterfield Borough Council ran a competition amongst local school children that encouraged pupils to draw pictures that could be used to promote Chesterfield’s entry to the East Midlands in Bloom competition. The winning entries were then turned into promotional banners that will be placed in locations around the town until the green-fingered competition winners of the East Midlands in Bloom are announced in July.

Over 700 local children took part in the competition over two categories. The categories spanned pupils who are in reception class to those in year two, and the next category was open to children in year 3 classes up to those in year six. The latter followed a ‘Blooming wild’ theme, whilst the former worked to a ‘Fairytale Garden’ theme.

Following the selection of the winning designs, bright, eye-catching banners have being produced to advertise Chesterfield in Bloom. This is an effective promotional technique that has been used by several local organisations and businesses and a service that is provided by local Print company in banner printers printing services banner printers.

The competition to design banners to promote the event is in its sixth year and looks set to continue due to the high levels of enthusiasm and the large number of entries. Chesterfield in Bloom’s winning entries into the flower contest will be entered into the wider regional East Midlands competition and the winners of the banner design contest will be awarded with prizes and certificates at a ceremony in October at Ringwood Hall.