Poster thieves target fundraising events throughout Derbyshire

July 21, 2011 by  

A recent spate of poster thefts across Derbyshire has left authorities baffled and charities out of pocket.

A school music festival, Glastutbury – based in Tutbury, had its promotional banners stolen in the run up to the event. A second incident occurred days later in Swadlincote, where posters that had been distributed around the area advertising a charitable dog show. The posters were securely fastened to their fixtures with string but when the distributor went to check them, they had all been taken down. This comes as a particular blow to the charity event as they had covered the initial cost of the poster printing.

Chesterfield, Burton and other areas across the county are being extra vigilant when advertising via poster and banners. These are extremely effective ways of advertising which is why the festival and the dog show organisers wanted to use them to promote their events. These methods do, however, come with the element of risk that posters and banners are susceptible to vandalism and theft, albeit a rare occurrence.

Local printing companies have since donated banners to the festival to replace those that were stolen. The identity of the thieves remains a mystery and a connection between the incidents had not been made until it was suggested by Freda Hallam, organiser of the dog show. She told the Burton Mail:

“I didn’t think much of it until I saw the story in the Mail about the other event and it made me think that maybe someone is doing it deliberately, but I’ve no idea who it could be.”