Poster printing in Chesterfield is set to combat flu confusion

January 21, 2011 by  

Companies offering services like poster printing in Chesterfield could be set to help local authorities to tackle confusion between flu and seasonal colds. By raising awareness of the difference in severity of symptoms, local authorities and NHS staff hope to relieve unnecessary pressure on resources. Poster printing has always helped Chesterfield officials to communicate public service messages and by producing informative posters that convey messages about how to spot the signs of flu, the number of visits to doctors will hopefully fall.

Chesterfield council have issued a statement on their website saying that despite fears of a swine flu epidemic, it is ‘business as usual for Chesterfield’. They follow this message with downloadable posters featuring the government’s ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ message to display in schools, offices and workplaces throughout the region. For companies wishing to obtain a more professional finish, it is advisable to use established companies offering poster printing in Chesterfield. These companies have experience in communicating key public service messages and the communication of the differences between colds and swine flu plays a key part in freeing up essential health service resource in the region. By using a local printing company based in or near Chesterfield, the need to travel far is eliminated and requirements for printing can be discussed face to face with the printer, giving a better overall result. With the help of local print companies, Chesterfield authorities will be able to alleviate the extra strain on the health service.