New public toilets scheme could be boosted by banner printing in Brampton

March 21, 2011 by  

Banner printing in Chesterfield could soon be used to promote a new initiative that encourages local businesses to open up their facilities to the wider public. The Community Toilet Scheme, devised by Chesterfield council, is designed to encourage local business to allow the general public to use their bathroom and toilet facilities during normal opening hours in return for payment from the council. This scheme is being championed by Councillor Ian Openshaw, who is the head of the council’s division for Sustainable Communities and Climate Change. Morrisons Supermarket is the first business to be involved in the scheme and it feels that by using the right kind of advertising, the scheme will benefit the local community by providing cleaner and safer facilities than were available in the past. One way to advertise these facilities and ensure that local residents felt comfortable using them would be by using banner printing.

Many Chesterfield Council schemes have been promoted using methods like banner printing. Chesterfield printing companies offer a number of bespoke solutions for promoting various initiatives and banner printing is an extremely eye-catching way of promoting the Community Toilet Scheme. Chesterfield Council is hoping that the venture will be a success and that once other local businesses see the benefit to both the local community and to Morrisons itself, they will also want to sign up to take part in the scheme. This is a unique way of driving footfall to businesses as well as providing a valuable service to local people.