New IT jobs to be available in Chesterfield

June 17, 2018 by  

A number of new job opportunities in the IT sector are set to be available in Chesterfield over the coming months, as a local IT firm undergoes expansion.

CT is an IT company based in Chesterfield that offers security compliance, cloud and managed services. The firm has enjoyed such success since its launch that it recently opted to make the move into a new, larger base measuring 11,500 sq. ft. at Quantum Point, and it will now be looking to add to its employees.

At the moment, it employs a staff of 50, but it has indicated that it plans to increase this by a further 10 during the upcoming 12 months. The company has not stated exactly when it will begin this recruitment process.

Speaking to The Business Desk, the firm’s managing director Ian Snow said that the new jobs would be in sales and operations and that he felt the new headquarters would help the company go on attracting the best people, adding:

“It’s amazing to see just how quickly we are growing and that is evidence of our success and hard work. The new office substantially increases the amount of desk space we have, providing the opportunity for both future growth and the strategic acquisitions we have forecast.”

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