Man lands a job after printing 200 posters

August 5, 2011 by  

A Hull jobseeker has landed himself a job after printing 200 posters and sticking them up in his local area, asking for work.

Daniel Bird, an enterprising 20 year old, was fed up after over a year of searching for a job and over 300 rejections. He created 200 posters, featuring his photograph, email address and the words

“Will someone give me a job?”

and lo and behold, someone did. Within days of putting up his posters, Daniel was offered a job by Mecca Bingo.

However, the council did not take the same view towards his poster printing as his new employers did and Daniel Bird ended up with a £75 fine, imposed due to the Criminal Damage, Anti-social Behaviour and Highways acts. Daniel Bird intends to fight the fine, arguing that posters are often put up across the city advertising missing pets. However, fine or no fine, Daniel Bird now has a job thanks to his ingenious and motivated use of poster printing.

Chesterfield and Sheffield, like Hull, are areas with significant unemployment figures. Thankfully, jobseekers in these areas may not have to resort to the poster printing actions taken by Daniel Bird. A new South Yorkshire enterprise zone is set to create over 12,000 jobs for local residents.

In a time when jobs are seemingly increasingly hard to come by, it often takes a stroke of genius or some serious determination to acquire one, particularly if there is tough competition. Local printing companies could help Chesterfield and Sheffield residents to stand out from the crowd when it comes to high-quality printing services for CVs and covering letters.