Chesterfield council donate unwanted paper to local nursery

September 11, 2011 by  

The in-house printing team have donated two tonnes of surplus paper to a local nursery following a clear out of the department.

The Sunshine Nursery, which is part of the Walton Hospital in Chesterfield, was the recipient of the reams of paper, donated by Chesterfield Borough Council. The paper was discovered as the council cleaned up their in-house printing department, which was taken over to be managed in partnership by an outside company in October last year.

Chesterfield Borough Council is not the only organisation putting their print management in the hands of professional printing companies. Chesterfield businesses and organisations have taken to using local companies who can provide professional digital printing services in the Chesterfield region as it is often more cost effective and convenient in the long run to outsource printing rather than manage it themselves.

Chesterfield Borough Council’s donation of paper to the local nursery was well-received and will be used for both playtime and learning activities by children who attend the nursery.
Chris Ludlow, who is an executive member of Chesterfield Borough Council, told the Derbyshire Times:

“It’s good to see the paper being used by the children rather than collecting dust in a cupboard at the Town Hall. We would normally send the paper out for recycling but this was a much better option.”

The council had deemed the paper to not be suitable for council use, but would come in handy for keeping small hands entertained in the local nursery.