Chesterfield burglars target the elderly

November 30, 2010 by  

Police in the Chesterfield area are looking to investigate if there are any links between a series of burglaries after several incidents targeting the elderly. Print companies in Brampton or other areas around Chesterfield are likely to be enlisted to produce leaflets or posters to help bring members of the public forward to help with the police enquiries if people think that they may have seen or heard anything that might be significant to the investigations.

In what must of been very frightening encounters for their elderly victims, the burglaries took place late at night. The first incident in Chesterfield occured on the 11th November when a handbag with cash was snatched from the bungalow of a woman in her eighties after two men broke in through the front door. Police advised that the burglary was carried out by two men who were described as both in their ‘20s and white. The following day, also late at night, the bungalow of another elderly woman in her eighties was targeted when the victim was awoken by two young men who were in her bedroom, who were in the process of stealing her hand bag, earrings, necklace and bracelet from her jewellery box. The third incident took place on the 15th November but the two men, who had broken into the home of an 88 year old woman, escaped with nothing after their victim pressed an alarm which saw the burglars abandon the house.

Derbyshire officers are now working to identify if the burglaries are linked and identify the burglars.