Printing and distribution change for Canvey town council newsletter

April 29, 2011 by  

Canvey town council have had to reconsider how they produce and distribute a printed newsletter following a challenge to cut the budget for this in half.

The Canvey town council newsletters, which are printed and delivered to local residents on an ad-hoc basis several times per year, are under scrutiny following recent questions about budgets, waste and efficiency. The council have, in the past, used different companies for distribution and printing. Canvey, Chelmsford and the surrounding areas are well-served by companies which offer digital printing. However, Chelmsford, Canvey Island and other local councils are increasingly looking to save money wherever possible and many printing jobs are now being done in house.

In house printing using a photocopier or standard printer is sufficient for small-scale jobs, but is often an inadequate system for a large-scale print job such as a newsletter that needs to cover an entire region.

Local printing companies operating throughout the Chelmsford area are aware that people are tightening their belts due to the current economic climate, which is why they will strive to produce a bespoke service to suit individual needs and budgets. Flyer printing in Chelmsford is a cost-effective way to communicate messages and can be done on a budget.

Canvey council have been asked to bring in the newsletter at £3,000. This is £6,000 less than they normally spend to produce this piece of communication. As well as saving on printing, the council are also changing their distribution strategy, delivering the leaflet to shops and businesses for people to pick up rather than using a blanket coverage approach.