Film festival promotional material set to feature local stars

December 27, 2011 by  

A film festival in the Print company in Chelmsford printing services Chelmsford region is set to use local volunteers to star in its promotional trailer.

Thurrock Film Festival recently called for volunteers to be filmed talking about their top three favourite films, which the organisers of the festival then planned to edit together to make a short advertorial film to promote the festival. The festival has also been supported by volunteers who handed out leaflets that were created using Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing.

Chelmsford, Thurrock and the surrounding areas have been covered by the promotional activity and organisers hope that this will see numbers rise for the film festival this year. Local residents are also encouraged to submit their own films for judging by a celebrity panel, including Hollywood stars such as Actor Jason Flemyng. There are several categories of award, including best documentary, best student film, best under 16 film and best foreign language film.

Natalie Williams is one of the organisers of the festival. She recently spoke to the Chelmsford Weekly News about the film festival, saying:

“As well as wanting all of the Thurrock community to get involved we are trying to get as many celebrities involved as possible. It has always been our intention to get as many people in Thurrock involved with this project as possible otherwise it would not work. The response we have had from people has been great and everyone wants to get involved.”

Thurrock International Film Festival is due to be held in June 2012.