Cutting waste could save five times carbon emissions made by Chelmsford households

January 17, 2012 by  

Employees at businesses throughout the East of England have been told that by making small changes to the way they work, they could cut carbon emissions and save money.

A report from the Carbon Trust, an organisation that works to help businesses become more environmentally friendly, has shown that around £38 million could be saved on business energy bills each year, just by making small changes to everyday tasks. In addition to this, over 150,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide could be saved each year if people pull together to make changes such as switching off computers each evening, car sharing and even foregoing single sided printing in favour of double sided printing.

Chelmsford is an area that is home to around 169,000 people and it is estimated that if these energy-saving measures were put into place by local businesses, the amount of energy saved would be the same as Chelmsford households produce – five times over.

It is statistics like this that make people sit up and take notice. In a time when both cost savings and environmental pressures are at the top of many businesses’ agendas, it is important that changes are made to save money and energy wherever possible, be it through using public transport or reviewing how a business goes about its printing duties.

Local businesses in the East of England are being encouraged to sign up to energy saving pledges via the Carbon Trust’s website, free of charge.