Bid for city status helped by local printing companies in Chelmsford

February 27, 2011 by  

Many people living elsewhere in the UK and indeed, the world, may be surprised to learn the fact that Essex – one of the most well-known counties in England – does not have a city. This news has prompted two local towns to battle it out and bid for city status. Chelmsford will be going head-to-head with Southend to try and convince local authorities that their town is the one that deserves to be recognised as a city. Chelmsford, unlike other UK towns bidding for city status, are not going down the route of spending huge amounts of money to get their bid recognised. Instead, they are working closely with local residents, businesses and charities to all pull together to create a strong case for city status. Local companies offering services such as digital printing in Chelmsford are poised and ready to help raise awareness of this campaign, by offering services like flyer, banner and poster printing. Chelmsford residents have been supportive of the bid and despite the town having failed the last two times that they tried to gain city status, local authorities remain undeterred. The mentality is that this is ‘third time lucky’ for Chelmsford and that by promoting the bid through a variety of printed and online material, they hope to succeed.

Chelmsford has a strong case for their bid for city status, as the town is home to a cathedral as well as being the location of local government offices and being widely recognised as the local county town. The bid is to be reviewed by the council on 28th February.