Catalogue printing with Minuteman Press

It’s rare to find a print shop that offers a full range of business services that include catalogue printing. Catalogue design requires a high degree of flair and creativity, as well as technical expertise. We at Minuteman Press offer a first-rate catalogue printing service that ensures your products will jump off the page – and off of the shelves as well.

Catalogue printing is done on either sheet-fed or web presses, sheet-fed being best for short runs and smaller paper sizes, and web-fed being best for longer runs of 5,000 or more. We produce catalogues in several formats, including 5.5” by 8.5 inch (called digest format); 8.5” by 11 inch (standard format), and 11 by 17 inch (large format). While sheet-fed presses handle all sizes of paper, the minimum width for a commercial web press is generally set at 11 inches. However, small business web presses, such as the ones we use, can also handle the compact digest size.

A web press has nothing to do with internet printing (though modern ones, like sheet presses, are often digital). It refers to the fact that printing is done onto a roll of paper, rather than individual sheets – it’s the way newspapers are produced. A web press is much faster than a sheet press, able to handle in excess of 20,000 cut-offs an hour. Although it is more complex to set up than a sheet press, it benefits from lower maintenance costs. Cost-wise, it’s the cheapest option to go for if you are printing in bulk – with as few as 16 pages per copy possible.

Print shops equipped with 8-unit web presses can cut standard catalogue printing costs by having the page count in increments of 32 (64 for the digest format.) This enables two webs to run simultaneously, halving the run time. 4 and 6 unit presses are only able to print single webs, however.

We at Minuteman Press offer a wide range of catalogue printing options and always produce a high-quality product for the lowest possible cost.