The Doctor could find permanent home in Cardiff

June 13, 2011 by  

There could be an increased demand for poster and brochure Print company in printing in Cardiff printing services printing in Cardiff following the news that BBC’s Doctor Who could be coming home, for good.

The Doctor Who Experience, an interactive museum dedicated to the cult, and long running, BBC series currently only has a full time home in Blackpool, but BBC Wales has staged temporary versions of the show in Print company in Cardiff printing services Cardiff, the new home of Doctor Who since its reboot a few years ago. Now, it seems, the Doctor Who Experience could be coming home to Cardiff for good.

According to reports, the BBC has asked Cardiff Council for permission to construct a new home for the Doctor Who Experience, situated on a 3,000 square metre site in Porth Teigr. If Cardiff Council grants permission for the new site, the BBC will be able to construct a museum dedicated the travels of the Time Lord.

Should planning permission be granted, details of the show will be revealed by the BBC, together with a series of posters and flyers promoting the opening. The show can currently be found in Wales at the Olympia, and bookings can made for this location until November 20th.

The managing director for BBC Worldwide, Philip Murphy, commented about the proposed new home for The Doctor:

“We’ve worked very closely with Cardiff Council to bring the Experience to Cardiff, and we believe that it will draw fans to the Welsh capital from around the world.”

BBC announced its plans to move the Doctor Who Experience to Cardiff on a more permanent basis last September, and an exhibition of Doctor Who memorabilia at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff, called the Doctor Who Exhibition, closed its doors earlier this year. Items from this exhibition, including props, sets, characters and posters, could be used in the proposed new site at Porth Teigr.

BBC Cymru Wales’ director, Keith Jones, commented:

“Wales is the home of Doctor Who, our original made-in-Wales drama success story. Locating this fantastic experience in Cardiff Bay is a great development.”