St David’s in Cardiff to launch with new print campaign

November 22, 2009 by  

There may be a recession on at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped Print company in Cardiff printing services Cardiff launching the biggest retail destination of the year, just in time for Christmas. The St David’s Shopping Centre cost £675 million and will rejuvenate the city centre, and capital of Wales.

As with every new business, the launch campaign of St David’s is crucial to its success, and a design agency from Newcastle has been appointed to create the POS Print company in printing in Cardiff printing services printing in Cardiff to advertise the new retail centre.

The Newcastle based advertising company, Different, worked on a series of adverts to promote the St David’s. The advertising material included direct marketing, press advertising and Print company in poster printing in Cardiff printing services poster printing in Cardiff’s capital.

Different worked on the slogan ‘Find your St DavID’s’ which suggests to shoppers that if they shop in St David’s they’ll find the fashion to support their own identity.

The St David’s isn’t just another shopping centre in Cardiff. It is hoped that it will become the Welsh home of fashion. When the shopping centre opened, over 1,000,000 million shoppers visited the St David’s in the first weekend, showing that the POS from Different worked.

Ben Quigley is the MD for Different. He stated:

St David’s is the largest retail launch of 2009 so we were incredibly excited to be chosen as part of the team to help with the launch campaign.

Cardiff was crying out for St David’s, which boasts some of the biggest names in retail, which is unique to the city and will make Cardiff fashion’s new capital. Therefore, it was our mission to use our creative skills to come up with the ‘Find your St DavID’s’ campaign to communicate the new destination to shoppers and to help the centre to successfully launch and as it becomes established.

The campaign has created quite a stir and has added to the excitement surrounding the biggest shopping destination launch in the Britain this year. Success is well anchored for long term sustainable growth.

The St David’s is open now in Cardiff city centre, and the advertising can be seen around Cardiff and South Wales.