Posters tackle prejudice

July 4, 2010 by  

A campaign to raise awareness of issues surrounding facial disfigurement has been launched at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay, with Falklands War veteran Simon Weston helping to launch the campaign.

Mr Weston, who was very seriously burned and disfigured during a bomb attack in the Falklands War, is supporting the campaign to try to bring about fairness and equality when dealing with people with disfigurements. Mr Weston claims that society’s preoccupation with perfection with regards to body image is part of the problem.

The campaign is called Face Equality and the charity, Changing Faces, hopes to tackle the existing prejudices in today’s society against those people who have suffered from facial disfigurements. It is claimed that there are close to 1 million people living in the UK who have serious facial disfigurements. Many people are not aware of this fact and the campaign is aimed at increasing awareness of this fact, breaking down barriers between people and encouraging others to judge people on who they really are.

The campaign is running on outdoor advertising formats and will be displayed on buses using poster printing in Cardiff, with 200 sites running for two weeks. The creative executions feature pictures of various children with different disfigurements and statements challenging people not to judge them on their facial appearance.

Poster advertising like this can be very provocative and bring serious issues into the public domain, with strong visual images that can challenge common thinking and bring about debate. It is hoped that this will be the case for this very worthwhile campaign.