POS Printing in Cardiff could help new doughnut outlet to flourish at St. David’s Centre

March 28, 2011 by  

Wales is set to see the opening of its first ever branch of the American doughnut outlet, Krispy Kreme in April. The new shop, which is due to open in St. David’s shopping centre in Cardiff has been long-awaited and is expected to prosper. Krispy Kreme first came to the UK in 2003 and has since opened up 200 shops throughout Britain. Cardiff doughnut lovers have campaigned for their own branch of Krispy Kreme by using social networking sites to create groups and petitions and, whilst this is often seen a ‘a bit of fun’ it genuinely shows a real appetite for the brand. Whenever new shops open in the St. David’s Centre, it is important that they are maximising their advertising space within their retail unit to ensure that they capitalise on potential sales or up-sell opportunities. One way to do this is to use vibrant, eye-catching displays or high-level messaging about offers. Companies offering POS printing in Cardiff are well-versed in producing effective banners, posters and shelf-edging messaging space that can be used at the point of sale to ensure that customers are spending more and therefore ensuring the success of the business.

Krispy Kreme is the ideal retailer to trial different forms of communication at the point of sale, and by using a company who offers POS printing in Cardiff, they can be sure of a service that is not only tailored to their brand and their needs but the printing company will be located conveniently to ensure minimum fuss when setting up the new shop.