Lenticular printing helps make the invisible visible for charity campaign

December 31, 2011 by  

An innovative advertising campaign using a special Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing methods is currently being run in cities across Europe, promoting the work of International aid charity, Amnesty International.

Amnesty International’s campaign uses a novel method of design and print called lenticular Print company in printing printing services printing. Lenticular printing creates images that may appear un-noticeable in the first instance, but that become clear when looked at from a different angle. This method of printing is the perfect way to execute the charity’s mission of making those people visible to the rest of society who often seem to be invisible or ignored.

The ‘making the invisible visible’ campaign is being run throughout major cities in Europe, including Print company in Cardiff printing services Cardiff, Dublin, Berlin and Copenhagen. The images are created by sticking thin strips of images onto bars or fence posts that, when viewed together, show the picture of a face of someone Amnesty International would be likely to help. This brings these unnoticed faces into the public eye and highlights the work done by Amnesty International using lenticular poster printing.

Cardiff residents will be able to see the campaign around the city until January 2012. A sign situated near each lenticular poster will alert people to the reason behind the images and prompt visits to Amnesty International’s website to encourage people to get involved.

This is part of a campaign by the charity called ‘Write for Rights’, an initiative that encourages people to write letters in support of their campaigns.