Leaflets are set to help combat burglary in Cardiff

September 13, 2011 by  

Statements taken from convicted criminals are encouraging Cardiff residents to report suspicious behaviour as part of a new leaflet campaign from the South Wales Police. The campaign, called Bag a Burglar, is being run by Detective Sergeant Rob Cronick. Cronick said that the scheme was set up to help identify the areas that criminals lived in, to help police these areas better.

A number of leaflets have been produced and will be distributed around areas with a high rate of convicted residents by Community Support officers. The leaflets contain details of an email address and phone number where local residents can submit any suspicions that they have about their neighbours. Leaflet and flyer printing have helped Cardiff residents to stay safe on a number of occasions and communications produced by South Wales Police have already helped to contribute to a decrease in crime in some areas of Cardiff.

The leaflets contain candid quotes from convicted criminals, such as this quote from a 32 year old from the Canton area of Cardiff:

“The window smashed but no alarm sounded so I waited an hour and nothing happened, so I went in. I knew no one was in ‘cos I knocked the door and I heard no noise inside.”

Police hope that not only will these statements make residents more vigilant to the actions of potential criminals, but that they will also make local residents think twice about how secure their homes are.