Cardiff Skyflyer advertising plans face strong opposition

May 29, 2011 by  

A revolutionary new advertising system involving Print company in printing printing services printing messages on large passenger balloons is facing strong opposition from local residents of Print company in Cardiff printing services Cardiff.

The Skyflyer advertising system is a large balloon that would be tethered to the ground in Cardiff Bay. Advertising messages would be printed on the side of the balloon and this would also act as a tourist attraction, carrying visitors to the area 150 metres up in the air.

The Skyflyer balloon itself measures 17 metres in diameter and 31 metres long and local residents feel that this would be visually intrusive and the lighting used on it would be a nuisance, often going on until 11 o’ clock in the evening. There have previously been two submissions for planning permission for the Skyflyer balloon and both have been rejected after concerns were raised by local residents and community groups.

With strong objection already being expressed by organisations such as Penarth Marina Resident’s Group, plans for the Skyflyer look set to be scuppered once again. This means that for the time being, local businesses will benefit from sticking to traditional methods of advertising that can still be visually impactful, such as Print company in banner printing printing services banner printing. Cardiff Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies offering services like banner printing can help local businesses leverage their influence and shout about their goods and services without ruffling the feathers of local residents.

Objections to the Skyflyer planning application must be submitted by 3rd June, after which a decision will be made as to whether the balloon will be granted planning permission or not.