Cardiff posters target BBC

May 19, 2010 by  

The Chairman and CEO of the Association of Independent Music (AIM), Alison Wenham, says the AIM has put its support behind the launch of a new poster campaign to put pressure on the BBC not to close the Asian Network and the 6 Music channel.

The bosses of the BBC took the decision to cut the 6 Music and Asian networks at the end of February and since then there has been widespread criticism of the cuts. They are due to close at the end of May but there has been much opposition to the move which has risen hopes that the networks could be saved.

The new poster campaign is due to go up on billboards in several major cities across the UK, including Cardiff. The campaign has been created by 38 Degrees, an organisation that motivates people to take action on the issues of public concern in the UK. AIM has put its weight behind 38 Degrees as it is felt that so many different kinds of people will be affected by the cuts that they need to unite in order to strengthen the campaign.

Some of the billboards are based around the BBC’s offices in order to highlight to BBC bosses just how strong people’s opposition to the cuts are. Posters are great for tactical targeting, and billboards work for massive impact. If your company is looking to make a point and you are looking for poster printing in Cardiff, then there are local printers in the area who can help you get your message across.