Cardiff parents get a booklet to aid their children’s sleep

April 15, 2012 by  

Parents of school children in Cardiff are being urged to take notice of a new booklet that is being made available that is designed to help their children get a good night’s sleep.

The booklet has been produced by The Sleep Council after a whopping 92 per cent of teachers surveyed in a recent piece of research claimed that they felt a lack of sleep meant that their pupils were often too tired to concentrate at school.

Nicola Morgan, a behaviour expert from Cardiff, has worked in schools throughout the city for the last 15 years. She commented on how not getting enough sleep can negatively impact a child’s learning capabilities, saying:

“A good night’s sleep not only helps to reduce the incidence of hyperactivity and unwanted behaviour but also helps to set up a good routine for children. Routines create the feeling of a predictable, safe world. If a good sleep routine can be established the child’s behaviour will improve and it is usually much easier to establish routines around behaviour management in school.”

The booklet, which has been produced using digital printing, gives Cardiff parents hints and tips for how to ensure that their children get into the routines that Nicola describes. A booklet format is handy for conveying detailed information on sleep and why it is important, as it can be left on a bedside table and referenced when it is needed the most.

The booklet is free and is available from the Sleep Council website.