Cardiff entrepreneur uses virtual reality

January 5, 2019 by  

A young entrepreneur from Cardiff is employing virtual reality to drive his firm.

Cardiff-based George Bellwood established a start-up in the retail and property sector. The marketing student is utilising virtual reality to give Virtus Tech an edge over its competitors. Logo design is important for cutting-edge enterprises along with essential marketing products such as business cards.

Bellwood has experience of the retail sector and he is aware of the challenges facing businesses in an era of digital disruption. Online retailers have had a big impact on the fortunes of high street shops. As a result of his knowledge, he views innovation in tech as essential for the delivery of sustainable success. He said:

“Virtus Tech puts the control back in the company’s hands and allows them to enhance the customer experience, giving them the opportunity to walk around a shop floor and browse items for sale virtually.”

Positive feedback has encouraged Bellwood. He opted to broaden his offer into other commercial fields. Since the launch of Virtus Tech, he moved to take advantage of opportunities in the hospitality sector.

Big Ideas Wales helped Bellwood to upgrade Virtus Tech. Public money is allocated to Big Ideas Wales to promote entrepreneurship among young people.

Several major clients have chosen to take advantage of the services provided by Virtus Tech since it came on the scene.