Cardiff City FC successful flyer campaign

December 16, 2009 by  

Cardiff City FC looked at ways to increase its sales of season tickets. The club decided on a special flyer campaign. The well thought out campaign was targeted at Cardiff City fans to persuade them to purchase a season ticket for the new season.

The campaign differed form the usual blanket distribution of the same flyer. The football club came up with the idea of ‘personalised’ flyers. They identified different target groups within their fan base. For example, regular visitors and previous season ticket holders. Six different versions of the flyer were produced and more than 40,000 were sent out.

A local printing company in Cardiff, Horizon Digital Media, won the contract to produce the flyers. The company used two Xerox DocuColor printing presses (a 2045 and a 5252), to print them. Horizon’s sales and marketing director Peter Edwards said:

It was great to be asked to get involved …. the campaign opened new doors for the company

Cardiff City FC is delighted with the success of the campaign. Within just a week of the distribution they had sold 456 season tickets. The most successful and encouraging part though, was that 125 of the sales came from first time holders.

This type of targeted flyer campaign will no doubt become more popular for businesses in the future. It could be a very good way for print companies in Cardiff to increase their business, as other business sectors decide to run similar campaigns.