Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium plays host to 60,000 rugby fans

October 25, 2011 by  

The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff recently played host to over 60,000 rugby fans who gathered there to watch Wales play France via big screens in the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Bosses at the Millennium Stadium originally expected around 20,000 fans to show up to watch the game – which was actually being held thousands of miles away – but demand was so great that they ended up going back to the printing press and producing first one more lot of 20,000 tickets and then another to take the attendance up to over 60,000.

This is great news for both tourism and sport in Wales, as it shows a real appetite for attending live events. With larger events like the Olympics happening in London in 2012, many sporting organisations may be making plans to host similar gatherings where sport is available to watch via a screen in a large arena.

As well as printing tickets, organisers of future events at the Millennium stadium may choose to use local brochure printers in Cardiff to create souvenirs for fans to buy and take home. The manager of the Millennium Stadium, Gerry Toms, said:

“It’s a unique opportunity and one which would not have been possible without the support of Cardiff City Council, the bus service and retailers. They’ve all got behind us.”

Despite Wales losing 8-9 to France in the semi-final match, the atmosphere in the Millennium stadium was electric and there is sure to be a real appetite for similar events in future.