British tourism posters found to have spelling errors

March 4, 2012 by  

Posters printed as part of an international advertising campaign attracting visitors to Britain have been found to have a spelling error, causing last-minute changes to be made.

The GREAT Britain campaign is being displayed across the world in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games and is aiming to entice travellers and tourists to explore the UK after or before the games themselves. However, one poster that advertised Welsh landmark the Brecon Beacons carried a spelling error which labelled the attraction as the ‘Breacon Beacons’. This is a classic example of how attention to detail is crucial when it comes to design and poster printing.

Cardiff is one of the Olympic host cities. Visitors to the city could have been tempted to visit other Welsh attractions like the Brecon Beacons whilst in the country. However, a mistake like this one – if spotted – could potentially affect how Britain is perceived by prospective visitors.

This poster was part of a £25 million promotional campaign and the print run that carried the mistake was on display in New York. Visit Britain, the company responsible for producing the posters, issued a statement from a spokesperson, saying:

“The mistake was picked up before the launch of the campaign in London and was subsequently amended. Unfortunately the incorrect image was still used on the first production run.”

The mistake has now been corrected and posters carrying the correct spelling will soon replace those that display the error.