Tourism boom for Cambridge

March 8, 2012 by  

Cambridge is seeing a welcome rise in the number of tourists choosing to visit the region, thanks to a number of new retail, leisure and marketing initiatives combined with the area’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Cambridge has seen a steady rise in the number of people visiting the area of late, which ties in with the trend for holidaying closer to home in challenging economic times, rather than going abroad. Staying in the UK for holidays has been dubbed ‘staycationing’ and could be responsible for the healthy number of tourists visiting Cambridge.

The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions oversees a number of popular Cambridge tourist haunts, including National Trust and English Heritage properties. The director of the association, Bernard Donoghue, spoke about such attractions, saying:

“Our iconic attractions are a ‘must see’ and a ‘must experience’. Even at a time of economic restraint those attractions which have invested in refurbishment, new exhibitions, new marketing, new catering and retail products have seen a real return on investment and more money for the visitor economy.”

Marketing plays a huge part in attracting tourists to Cambridge. From social media gurus to website builders and from flyer designers to brochure printers, Cambridge relies heavily on creative marketing industries to help create strategies and tactics that attract people to the area.

Marketing endeavours by the local authorities and tourist organisations are clearly having the desired positive effect on prospective visitors, as Cambridge attracts in excess of four million tourists each year.