The Queen’s life depicted by postcards

January 25, 2012 by  

The Queen’s life has being remembered in a series of postcards in an article in the Financial Times.

As the Queen gets ready to celebrate sixty years as the head of state for Great Britain, the nation gets ready to celebrate this fact, and one of the first nods towards the jubilee is a collection of picture postcards exhibited by the Financial Times in its magazine, celebrating all aspects of the Queen’s life in pictures. The collection of postcards was begun by Mary Dunkin, avid collector of picture postcards and the wife of David Robson who wrote the accompanying article.

The Queen’s diamond jubilee is due to spark many new souvenirs to mark the occasion, much in the way that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding did last year. This may mean that companies who design such souvenirs may call upon the demands of local print shops who can offer services such as postcard printing.

From Cambridge to Carlisle, printing companies everywhere will be gearing up to produce posters advertising events that are being hosted to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee. As with the royal wedding, it is expected that there will be street parties, fairs and events to celebrate the day and by using local print companies to create promotional material for these events will be the key to their success. As well as commemorative stamps and postcards, many design companies are preparing to produce posters, flyers and other printed materials to mark the occasion.