New firm offering poster printing in Cambridge

April 20, 2010 by  

Cambridge is famous for being one of the most beautiful parts of England, and has provided the backdrop for many a work of art or literary masterpiece. A new print firm in Cambridge is capitalising on the beauty of the area by offering poster printing in Cambridge of some of the city’s more famed images.

The new Cambridge printing company is called Works in Print and they’re making a name for themselves by offering prints of some Cambridge’s most famous and iconic landmarks. Works in Print is offering images of the famous King’s College, scenes of people punting on the river and images of the King’s Parade.

Works in Print is currently asking its customers and the local people of Cambridge to choose their favourite image of the city. Patrick McCrae, one of the directors of Works in Print, explains:

“Among the works we offer are Cambridge scenes and we’d like to know what scenes people would like to see. You automatically think of King’s College and the punts on the river but there may be some hidden gems.”

The main objective of Works in Print is to offer poster printing in Cambridge to businesses who wish to decorate their offices with beautiful works of art. Works in Print makes these otherwise expensive works of art more affordable.

Created by Don and Patrick McCrae, a father and son team, Works in Print uses digital imaging technologies to create its fabulous printed artwork. The best part about the prints offered by Works in Print is that businesses can subscribe to their services, so that the prints displayed in their offices can be exchanged every six months.