New Cambridge restaurant gains recognition

January 4, 2019 by  

A Cambridge-based eatery called Amélie has attracted praise only three months after opening.

Amélie is a venture established by Alex Crépy and Régis Crépy. The food outlet is situated near a cinema and is a family firm that has made a significant impact since it opened in autumn 2018. Customers have ranked it on TripAdvisor in the Number One spot for places to eat here in Cambridge.

Régis Crépy has an abundance of experience in the restaurant trade, while his son, Alex Crépy, is also an important asset at Amélie. The concept of Amélie is all about the delivery of fast-casual food. Flammekueche, a dish that hails from Alsace, is its specialty; the dish relies on crème fraiche and various toppings to liven up a thin dough. Régis Crépy told the East Anglian Daily Times:

“Bringing a new concept to the British market is a different experience to the fine dining that I was involved with in the past. However, the basic principles remain the same.”

The comments made by customers have helped the eatery achieve the summit of places for foodies within Cambridge. This result was obtained within about three months of the launch. The team has been delighted with sales at the restaurant. Printing services can be used to highlight such achievements for businesses, whether it’s on business cards, menus or flyers.

Despite their achievement, there is no complacency evident at Amélie. There is a determination to maintain high standards by tweaking recipes and innovating with novel food combinations.