Mysterious poster promotes road safety

September 16, 2011 by  

Cambridge pedestrians have received a mysterious road safety warning from a poster that was recently put up on a dangerous corner by an anonymous do-gooder.

The poster is clearly home-made and says ‘Stop – look right’. This appeared on the wall of the Round Church which is located near a corner that is notoriously difficult to negotiate, particularly by large buses and the tight bend often means that people crossing the road find it difficult to see what is coming. Local residents report that bus drivers often have to shout warnings out of their windows to tourists and students who are in danger of being hit.

Cambridge City Council said that whilst the sign would help to reduce potential accidents, there are no plans for a permanent warning sign at the Round Church. Councillor Tim Bick told Cambridge City News:

“It is a shame that someone has had to put up their own sign. I think signs can help but I would take a cautious approach to them and I think it is more for the bus drivers in those very large vehicles to be cautious.”

If the mysterious person looking out for the welfare of pedestrians in Cambridge wanted to make more of an impact, they could contact a local print shop to enquire about professional banner or poster printing.

Cambridge is an area with quaint narrow streets and large numbers of tourists who may not be used to crossing roads like this and who may not be on the lookout for vehicles. By communicating the dangers and the steps that could be taken to avoid them, accidents could be prevented.