Consortium helps companies to pioneer new technologies for digital printing in Cambridge

January 24, 2011 by  

The Novel Applications for Printing Consortium is based in Cambridge and works with global business leaders such as Unilever and Mars pet food to bring together ideas that can change or improve the way that printing happens across the globe, from traditional analogue methods to ground-breaking digital printing. Cambridge has long-since been a centre for innovation and new thinking, thanks to its extremely strong academic background that has encouraged self-improvement over the years. So it is only natural that The Novel Applications for Printing Consortium should spring up in the city.

The Novel Applications for Printing Consortium has what it calls an ‘open innovation’ system, where it invites governments, brand owners, businesses and entrepreneurs from across both the country and the globe to come together to share knowledge and best practice about digital printing. Headquartered in Cambridge, the Consortium is all about challenging boundaries that are created by traditional printing and looks at how printing companies in Cambridge and beyond can help businesses and companies to grow using digital printing. Cambridge printing companies have long-since been well-versed in a variety of printing techniques that can be tailored to create bespoke print jobs for clients and have always been open to trying new methods and pioneering innovative technologies that can help further their business. The fact that The Novel Applications for Printing Consortium is born out of Cambridge speaks volumes about the progressive nature of the print industry in this city.