Cambridge Festival of Education approaches

June 5, 2018 by  

Preparations for the Cambridge Festival of Education (CamsEdFest) are advancing.

CamsEdFest gives teachers the chance to absorb insights from educational experts. The festival is backed by a local newspaper. Poster printing from Cambridge can be used to brighten up events.

Headteacher Rae Snape is employed by the Spinney Primary School and is also the project manager of CamsEdFest, she told the Cambridge Independent:

“This is the second ever CambsEdFest and we’re really excited about #Flamingle18 – that’s the hashtag the very chatty CambsEdFest Twitter community is using. Tickets are rapidly selling so we’re certain it’s going to be sold out very soon!”

CamsEdFest has an enthusiastic steering committee. This body is focused on the promotion of an optimistic atmosphere. The central aspiration of the organisers is to spread positivity about the teaching profession. Games, bunting and live music should work together to generate a feel-good factor.

Cambridge Regional College is doing its best to contribute to the success of the festival. Students from the college have been working on an arts installation. Meanwhile, several keynote speakers have pledged to step up to the plate. In addition, 14 workshops have been pencilled into the schedule. The ambitious programme has been designed to include a panel debate.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge shall be the venue. This centre of learning is located on Hills Road.