Cambridge celebrations cost millions

September 27, 2010 by  

Companies who offer banner printing in Cambridge will have benefitted from the extravagant celebrations put on in the city of Cambridge to commemorate the famous University’s 800th anniversary in 2009.

It has now been reported by the Cambridge News that the 2009 celebrations organised to celebrate Cambridge University meeting this milestone in its long history cost them in the region of £2 million pounds. Along with the printed banners, which were designed, produced and displayed around the city’s streetlights with a celebratory message around the anniversary, numerous events were also held to mark the occasion. The Albert Hall was host to a prom concert where musicians and performers from Cambridge delighted guests with performances and a party was held for all the University’s 10,000 employees as a thank you to staff, along with events such as lightshows and concerts in London.

The establishment’s spending came under scrutiny in the summer as it was warned against running into difficulties by recording a deficit in costs. The University defended the costs claiming that some had been raised through sponsorship and also funds had come from a budget earmarked before the recession hit. In their opinion, the occasion warranted such expense as the media coverage and impact on a local, national and international level justified the costs. It was felt that in light of the University’s aim to bring people to their establishment, and also promote Cambridge to the world as well as thanking all their staff, the money was well spent.