Banners advertise night clubs to kids

October 16, 2010 by  

A local night club who employed the services of a company offering banner printing in Cambridge ran into some trouble locally when a banner promoting a dance night of retro music from yesteryear was hung from the fences of a local primary school. Unfortunately for all involved, the dance night was called ‘Guilty Pleasures’, a suggestive name for a club night and certainly something that drew parent’s attention and outrage at St Matthew’s Primary School in Cambridge where it was displayed until removed recently.

The school makes a point of allowing printed banners to be hung from their fences for a small fee paid to the school but the latest banner, erected by The Junction in Cambridge, ran by the city council, slipped through the net un-vetted. The school is used to promoting events such as swimming events, adult education or the Cambridge Film Festival and has supported the display of banners for other events ran by The Junction such as comedy nights or Christmas parties. However, the club night banner, which was brought to the school’s attention by a local resident caused concern and outrage at the school and with parents and it was felt that a line had been crossed.

Parents commented that this was not the sort of thing that they expected to see when taking their young children to school and even the former local mayor waded into the row to express his opinion that the banner was inappropriate in its setting. The Junction have apologised and caused it a mix up with the banners.