AI firm purchases research facility in Cambridge

March 5, 2018 by  

A pharmaceutical business, BenevolentAI, has just bought a research centre in Cambridge.

BenevolentAI has offices in London. However, it wants to boost its development of drugs, so it has acquired a research hub in Cambridge. The aim is to achieve swifter progress and on a bigger scale than has been the case so far. Business card printing from Cambridge can be useful for executives in the life sciences. Ken Mulvany, the founder and chair of BenevolentAI, said:

“We have built an artificial intelligence technology that can read and understand the world’s biomedical information, then perform complex reasoning, to tell us things about disease never understood before. This enables us to discover new medicines like no other organisation and drive cures for diseases that were previously untreatable.”

Mulvany is positive that the Cambridge expansion is a major breakthrough for his organisation. He is clear that the move has produced an integrated enterprise which can work on all the different stages of drug development going forward.

BenevolentAI has world class scientists who work on the discovery of drugs. The challenge is to get them to fit in with experts in the field of clinical development.

BenevolentAI has made big strides in the past. BenevolentBio, a subsidiary organisation, was established within the last two years. The ultimate aspiration is to drive positive outcomes for patients through the deployment of advanced drugs.