Professional brochure printers – making an impact with your product

Despite the growth of self-marketing software and desktop publishing tools, many people still prefer to use professional Print company in brochure printers printing services brochure printers like us at Minuteman Press for their advertising needs. A glossy, well produced brochure is still key to promoting services or products to the general public, and brochure Print company in printers printing services printers have the expertise, time and tools to do the job properly.

We at Minuteman Press are brochure printers offering a high quality, low-cost service which meets our customers’ needs. Quite often, we are shown a sample clients have produced themselves, with the request to “make it like this.” As professional brochure printers, this is something we are only too happy to do – so long as customers don’t mind taking some advice.

For example, it’s essential you choose photographs with a high dpi (dots per inch) matrix. If you’re requesting a printed version of your online brochure, it might not be as simple as supplying a file attachment. Most monitor images are around 72 dpi, which on screen looks fine, but in print looks blurry and unclear. Brochure printers need images with a resolution of at least 300dpi to create sharp, clear results on paper.

One area people come unstuck on, is choosing the paper for their brochures. Generally, brochure printers offer 80lb and 100lb stock. While 100lb is more substantial than 80lb, it’s also heavier – which will affect mailing costs. Then again, it does give a more professional image. Another factor is glossiness. The more ink coverage your brochure has, the more glossy it will appear – but the modern approach to marketing design is “less is best”. So consider having a varnished finish, especially if your brochure has a lot of dark images – it will stop finger smudges.

Naturally, everyone wants their brochure to be “the one” that stands out from the rest and grabs people’s attention. That is why you need to place your project in the hands of creative, high-quality brochure printers like us at Minuteman Press.