The importance of local news

May 18, 2010 by  

An article on has launched the start of Local Newspaper Week with a reflection on The Bolton News and the role it plays in Bolton’s community. Local Newspaper Week aims to highlight the importance that a local newspaper plays in reaching people, with 40 million people nationally each week, it is claimed, reading local newspapers. This would make a local paper the most widely read print medium in the UK, which also highlights the importance of print companies in Bolton too.

This week, The Bolton News will have a guest editor in the Bolton Wanderer’s manager, Owen Coyle, and will focus on charity campaigns that The Bolton News has helped to launch and the role that the newspaper has played in the business community in Bolton. The week will end with winners of the newspaper’s competition, ‘My Bolton’, being announced at the weekend – which is a photography competition based around the area.

The theme of the week is to focus on the importance of local journalism in the local community’s life, with readers in the area entrusting the paper to hold public bodies to account over various issues and to bring them news on a wide range of subjects. People feel it is important to have somewhere to voice their opinions, as seen in the reader’s letters page, and feel it remains essential to have a trusted source of information to bring them the most up to date news and views about the local area, council, their plans and businesses.