Standardised information leaflets could make body piercing safer in Bolton

May 6, 2011 by  

A review of how piercing studios operate and the way in which they communicate with their customers in Bolton is underway after an underage teenager was given a tongue piercing by a local studio.

The schoolgirl in question – Louise Moller – was aged 14 when she visited the tattoo parlour in Bolton for a tongue piercing, according to the Bolton News. The law states that if a child is under 16, then they must obtain parental consent before undergoing a piercing procedure. However, if the piercing studio believes the customer to be over 18 years of age then they are free to go ahead and pierce as required.

Louise Moller’s mother has called for a review of how piercing studios operate and local Bolton authorities are set to completely review the way that they operate, which will involve standardising procedures across the region and looking to ensure that any consent forms and information leaflets are also standardised. Many local companies in Bolton offer flyer printing services at a reasonable cost and so piercing studios should be able to easily comply with the new regulations surrounding body piercing.

Louise Mollor’s mother understands that the piercing studio was acting within the law but feels that policies are currently too lax and that they do not protect those who may be under age. Along with encouraging the council to standardise procedures and flyer printing, Bolton MP David Crausby has also been contacted by Miss Moller who hopes to see the laws that regulate body piercing changed nationally.