Scam exploits charity in Lancashire

March 1, 2012 by  

A scam involving bogus appeals for charity donations has been uncovered in East Lancashire.

A number of local people reported suspicious activity concerning appeals for donations of clothes to Troop Aid. Troop Aid is a legitimate charity which uses clothing donations to make money that pays for essential healthcare for injured troops. However, the charity is being used by scammers who are appealing for donations on behalf of the charity, with the donations never reaching it.

A PCSO in East Lancashire spoke to the Lancashire Telegraph about the scam, saying:

“This is a case of a legitimate registered charity trying to get clothing for a very good cause, being exploited by fraudsters. We are very keen to work with the charity and trading standards to catch them out before they get a chance to steal them. We need to try and get it stopped.”

Leaflets promoting the bogus charity are being distributed around local towns. Leaflets and flyers are being used as they can be fraudulently made to look realistic and authentic, although no legitimate printing company would carry out fraudulent flyer printing.

Bolton, Burnley and Blackburn residents could soon find themselves being targeted by local scammers if they are not caught, but local police are working hard to catch the wrong-doers.
The Troop Aid charity commented on the scam, saying:

“We don’t give out flyers, just bags. Anyone who receives a flyer should be very wary.”

The investigation continues as authorities struggle to catch the offenders.