Rugby star appeals for Bully Free Zone to be saved

September 19, 2011 by  

Retired rugby legend Ben Cohen has shown his support for a local anti-bullying centre in Bolton.

Bolton’s Bully Free Zone is a safe haven and charitable project offering advice for local children who are victims of bullying. Ben Cohen has been a long-time supporter of anti-bullying campaigns and even founded his own anti-bullying charity, The Standup Foundation. The ex-England rugby player visited Bolton after the centre announced its plans for closure after fifteen years of helping people to overcome bullying. Unless the Bully Free Zone is able to raise £40,000, it will have to close.

After hearing about the plans to close down the organisation on the news, Ben Cohen said he was inspired to help by one girl’s story in particular, in which she claimed she may no longer be alive if it were not for the Bully Free Zone. Ben helped the organisation hand out leaflets in Bolton to help raise awareness of the difficulties that they are facing and to encourage fundraising. Leaflets and flyers are particularly effective when it comes to communicating detailed information as they can be taken away and read at leisure as opposed to giving out a message that has to be remembered. These can easily be produced by local companies offering leaflet and flyer printing.

Bolton’s Bully Free Zone is gaining support across the region, with The Bolton News featuring a poll on their website asking readers to vote for whether the Bully Free Zone should be saved. The results were a conclusive; 100 percent of voters were in favour of saving it. Ben Cohen spoke to The Bolton News, saying:

“Losing this organisation would be a travesty for young people across Bolton. Whoever can help them stay in operation by providing funding should do so.”